Simulation DDU systems and accessories.

The HRS Z1-ProX display is specifically designed to integrate with the Sim Industry-standard Z1 software - same as the display in SMZ1 wheel.

Dash Features: 

4.3" touch panel display
Single over-molded USB Cable
7 way Hat switch 
15 shift/DRS lights
6 secondary warning lights
15 LEDs shift light across the top
The 15 shift lights can be programmed for any RPM
Top LEDs can be set to include DRS lights
Top LEDs can be set to flash when pit limiter is engaged or rev limiter is hit
3 left and 3 right LEDs can be customized to indicate:
DRS Available
DRS Active
Yellow Flag
Blue Flag
Pit Limiter
Water Temp
Oil Pressure
Fuel Pressure
Low Fuel
Brake Lock Levels 1-3
Wired connection prevents lag, dropped connections and interference from outside applications as occurs on phones and tablets.
Reduced CPU load due to onboard circuitry

Please note, software needs to be purchased directly from Z1.