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HRS V3-3P pedal pads for Heusinkveld Ultimates and Pros

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The HRS billet aluminium 3D-V3 machined Pedal plates are a direct replacement for the Heusinkveld Ultimates & Pros Series Pedal Faces.

These can be changed out in under 5 minutes using the originally supplied Heusinkveld tools.

HRS provides new bolts and nuts with this kit.

Now includes accelerator foot support as standard!!

You will see that these are a Motorsport style component, not only in looks, but also in quality control and feel.

Built with feedback from some of the best tin-top drivers in Australia, we've been able to come up with a product that not only compliments the awesome Heusinkveld Sim Pedal Ultimates and Pros, but also captures the true feel of what a V8 Supercar driver would feel under their feet, while hustling one of those Monsters around the racetrack.

Super light, yet super rigid, and machined in such a way that the pedal faces add additional grip on the brake and clutch pedals, but not so much that you end up with sore feet if you race bare feet or in socks.

You will notice the wider brake pedal face, which is appreciated by people that wish to heel and toe with more confidence. Also great for the go-karter / driver who is wanting to left foot brake!

You'll also notice the extra length of the accelerator pedal face, which has an ultra smooth finish for precise smooth accelerator modulation.

This product is made from 6061 grade billet aluminium, lightly bead-blasted prior to anodising.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our sales department directly!


Please note: This product is specifically designed for Heusinkveld  Ultimate pedals only, and will not work with any other manufacturers pedals..