Hybrid Racing Simulations

HRS To Simucube 2 /70mm PCD Adaptor kit!

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The Hybrid Racing Simulations to Simucube 2 adaptor kit has been specifically designed for those who wish to run an existing 70mm PCD bolt pattern quick release kit, or wish to bolt their steering wheel directly to their Simucube 2 system, without any additional adaptors or quick release add-ons!

Most quick release kits on the market are structured around a 70mm PCD bolt pattern, which is known as the industry standard.
This adaptor kit allows a quick transition for those who wish to stay with an existing Ecosystem that you may have already invested into financially.

Constructed out of 6061 grade billet aluminium, and bead-blasted prior to anodising.
This lightweight easy to change billet aluminium adaptor takes less than 5 minutes to change with the correct tools.

All bolting hardware is included in the kit, excluding tools.

This product comes with the Hybrid Racing Simulations lifetime structural warranty!

We recommend you check with your reseller to make sure that you do not void any factory warranty by adding this part to your system.

This product adds an approximate 25mm to the total length over the factory arrangement from the front bolting position.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact our sales team.