Momo MOD.30 320

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The MOMO MOD.30 racing steering wheel is designed for use in GT and saloon cars. The flat bottom allows for easier access in the cockpit and the yellow leather marker at the top of the wheel provides the driver with a quick reference to the steering position. Finished in quality black suede, the steering wheel features black aluminium spokes embossed with the yellow MOMO logo, an anatomical grip for increased comfort and two red buttons. Like all MOMO steering wheels, the MOD.30 is produced in Italy to the highest quality with an anticorodal aluminium frame. The suede is glued to the rim, instead of being stitched, to provide a seamless finish for greater comfort and durability. An aftermarket hub is required for installation, contact FUEL AUTOTEK to learn more about MOMO’s range of hub kits.

Included Parts:
MOMO Steering Wheel, MOMO Hub Fixing Screw Set (Long) and MOMO Earthing Cable

MOMO racing steering wheels are industry standard. Leading the way in design, comfort and practicality. Since 1964, MOMO has delivered the highest standard in consumer and racing products. MOMO use quality grade sourced materials from around the world. A MOMO steering wheel is the perfect addition to your car.


Colour: Black
Materials: Suede
Spoke Finish: Black
Horn: Thumb Buttons (MOD 30 "with buttons" only)
Diameter: 320mm
Dish: 39mm
Grip Thickness: 35x25mm
Style: GT - Touring