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Ergonomic grip in alcantara, 275mm, 4.3-inch color LCD display and full-custom buttons derived from track experience: all designed for the most demanding Sim Racers. The steering wheel allows to manage all parameters of the car during the race and to live an increasingly immersive driving experience.

The dedicated WAVE IMPACT electronics is completely designed, developed and realized by Wave engineers. The product is engineered but is always assembled with manual attention to details and with craftsmanship care and ability, by Wave professionals in Maranello.

•Ergonomic handle in Alcantara for optimum comfort and a solid grip
•Steering-supports are compatible with many brands (Leobodnar, Simucube, Fanatec etc).
•Paddle shift mechanisms for fastest gear use
•1 or 2 clutch paddle shifts (according to your choices at purchase order)
•4 switches (monostable)
•2 rotary switch completely settable
•10 active buttons totally programmable by the pilot
•2 rotari encoders totally programmable
•2 two-way monostable selectors
•2 monostable lever switches positioned in the back
•Dedicated WAVE IMPACT electronics, completely designed & developed by Wave engineers.
•Wave Plug & play.
•Connection via USB port

Display: Main characteristics

•Wide 4.3 inches display for all the data you’ll need to keep an eye on. It’s time to move on the display all your on-screen applications and focus on driving
•128 PPI for the best image definition
•LCD panel technology, granting you the perfect viewing angle during your intense racing sessions
•Ultrabright screen with up to 250nit max brightness, perfect even in the brightest places
•Touch-screen panel for a fast switch through pages and controls
•The same controls layout of the real Formulas and GTs cars
•High refresh rate RGB LED indicators, fully customizable

Information displayed:
•Completely customizable (speed, RPM, lap time, gear indicator, etc.)
•Knobs in anodized aluminum designed and manufactured by Wave.
•Front and back covers, handles and gearshift made of high-strength plastics
•Handle grip in Alcantara
•Gear and clutch levers completely made of carbon fiber


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