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HRS USB-Mate Cable Management System

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The HRS USB-Mate Cable Management System has been designed for the fussy customer that wishes to route their steering wheel cables and things of that nature in a neat, elegant way, to prevent dangling cables from being potentially damaged.

In the past many people have done this using less-than-ideal solutions, like plastic clips and zippy ties.

Easy to adapt to any aluminium extrusion chassis, and constructed out of 6061 grade billet aluminium, the HRS USB-Mate Cable Management System not only looks smart, but will also provide you with maximum protection for your cable and associated hardware while racing.

Also great for those that want to run extension cords, the Cable Mate System means that there is far less chance of your cable being disconnected from your prime USB cable mid race.


The kit comes complete with the following items.

1x Aluminium Cable Mate Enclosure, with top cover and 4x M3×6 Bolts 

2x M5 roll in Tnuts

2x M5 x16mm countersunk bolts.

2x large cable management clips.

NOTE: This does not include coiled cables, or extension cables.